My 2014 wish list

It’s that time of year again when we start looking forward and wondering what the next 12 months will hold. From all of the items that I wished for last year, one was to see West Ham secure the lease on the Olympic stadium. I was particularly pleased to see that one come to fruition. As well as a future new home, the boys also managed to stay in the Premier League  – it remains to be seen whether that will be the case this time next year!

As with other lists I have done, the following are in no particular order:

  • A reduction in construction industry insolvency in the UK and Ireland.
  • Adjudication to continue to be the preferred formal dispute resolution forum of choice for the UK’s construction industry.
  • The successful implementation of adjudication as a cost and time effective dispute resolution process in Ireland.
  • A resurgence in the use of arbitration as a genuine alternative to litigation for construction industry disputes in the UK.
  • An increased awareness by experts of their duties and obligations.
  • An increase in the use of dispute boards on live projects and framework agreements in the UK.
  • Increased efficiency across the UK rail networks.
  • The use of London 2012 facilities by members of the public and/or affiliated sports clubs.
  • The introduction of an effective cycling infrastructure in London and a corresponding reduction in fatalities.
  • West Ham to stay in the top flight for another year.

Happy new year.

One thought on “My 2014 wish list

  1. Matt

    How about a return to the construction industry getting back to negotiated resolution of issues as they happen, avoiding disputes, saving millions, to spend on successful building and engineering projects.


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