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February 2017 digest: rainy days and Donald Trump

Mitch Hedburg:

“My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.”

February has been a grey, wet month this year, with few high points, although we are sure that everyone is intrigued by the stories coming from across the Atlantic. Donald Trump may have only been the 45th President of the United States for a month, but already we have seen an immigration ban (with another one coming), a falling out with the intelligence services, the resignation of his national security advisor, more on that Mexican border wall, an administration likened to Nixon and Watergate and repeated examples of his conflict with the media.

However, we can assure you that we are not “dishonest” and there is no “fake news” here…

In adjudication, the CIC published a new users’ guide and the TCC determined that a building contract had been re-assigned to the developer, so the adjudicator had jurisdiction. Both Matt Molloy and Ebony Alleyne considered aspects of this judgment.

Elsewhere, the:

Comment this month came in many shapes and sizes, with:

In other news, we saw guidance on skeletons and authorities in the TCC, revised draft payment regulations, a consultation on Heathrow expansion, a housing white paper, the NIC call for evidence, a modern slavery toolkit, a consultation on best value statutory guidance and updated transparency principles.

And finally, to continue the “fake” theme, a few final words from Radiohead:

“Her green plastic watering can, for her fake Chinese rubber plant,
In the fake plastic earth that she bought from a rubber man.”

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