Posts by Natalie Wardle

  • FIDIC 2017: two years on

    Last month I attended the FIDIC International Contract Users’ Conference in London, two years after the formal launch of the 2017 Red, Yellow and Silver Books. I wanted to find out whether anyone was using them and if so, what did they think? In my blog following the 2017 launch, I made some initial observations. … Continue reading FIDIC 2017: two years on

  • FIDIC Rainbow Suite: what do the new editions hold in store?

    There was a full house at the FIDIC International Contract Users’ Conference 2016 which took place in London on 6 and 7 December 2016. The FIDIC conferences always attract a large international audience. However, this year there was an additional draw; a special pre-release version of the second edition of the FIDIC Yellow Book was unveiled. 

  • Insurance and subrogation

    I recently negotiated a contract for the storage and maintenance of high value critical equipment. In the context of insurance solutions we discussed the issue of joint names insurance; whether it was necessary or desirable in the context of our project, whether a waiver of subrogation was required under the contract and how this might affect … Continue reading Insurance and subrogation

  • Excluding or limiting liability in commercial contracts: a question of faith?

    I was recently negotiating a procurement contract that brought to mind recent cases concerning good faith obligations. It occurred to me that if there is a move towards including express good faith obligations in construction contracts, should we not also consider addressing the consequences of acting in bad faith?

  • The construction industry: a dangerous place to work?

    The construction industry has an unenviable health and safety record. In the year to 31 March 2009, there were 53 construction site deaths. Although this number was lower than the previous year (when there were 72 deaths), the construction industry remains one of the most dangerous industries to work in.