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  • The right extension

    There has been some controversy over the decision of the Court of Appeal in Carillion v Emcor in February. The case broke new ground in that it was contended (apparently for the first time) that an extension of time clause could result in a non-contiguous extension of time being granted. This phrase refers to an … Continue reading The right extension

  • Redrafted Infrastructure Conditions of Contract now published

    In March 2014, I wrote about the relaunch of the ICC’s Infrastructure Conditions of Contract, which had been discussed at a presentation to the Society of Construction Law (SCL). This post looks at the redrafted main (re-measurement) contract, which has now been published, along with guidance notes.

  • The (Hackney) Empire strikes back

    A contractor whose progress and performance are unsatisfactory presents an employer with a number of options as to how to proceed. Whichever option the employer chooses, it will be wise to bear in mind the implications of that course of action for other interested parties, including a bondsman of the contractor’s obligations (as in the … Continue reading The (Hackney) Empire strikes back

  • A roundabout route to arbitration

    Since the Arbitration Act 1996 came into force, the courts have upheld arbitration clauses agreed between the parties in precedence to litigation commenced by one of them. If a contract contains an arbitration clause, then parallel proceedings will be stayed on either party’s application, even if the dispute is of a flimsy nature. However, the … Continue reading A roundabout route to arbitration

  • Justice, like the Ritz, is open to all

    This quote, generally attributed to Matthew LJ in the nineteenth century, needs to be adapted if what is desired is the TCC’s justice. That is the effect of West Country Renovations v McDowell, decided by Akenhead J on 23 February 2012.

  • Is it guaranteed?

    Does a guarantee provide the reassurance its name implies? When a transaction goes wrong, the injured party may have the benefit of a bank guarantee. It could be excused for thinking that its losses will be covered, to the extent of that guarantee. However, in these tough economic times, banks and financial institutions are carefully … Continue reading Is it guaranteed?

  • TCC’s new home in the Rolls Building

    I was up early the other day for a visit to the new Rolls Building and to participate in a promotional film. I was an extra in a production that will not, I suspect, be nominated for an Oscar but is intended to promote the Technology and Construction Court (TCC), particularly internationally.