About the Practical Law Construction Blog

Practical Law is a legal solution from Thomson Reuters providing current awareness, legal know-how and documents to lawyers in law firms and working in-house.

Practical Law Construction provides know-how for contentious and non-contentious construction and engineering specialists, as well as those in adjacent disciplines (such as real estate and finance).

Between October 2008 and March 2023, the Practical Law Construction team and their guest bloggers gave their views on construction and engineering law and related legal developments. Read the blog.

For more information and to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening now, see Practical Law Construction’s homepage.

You can also listen to our podcast, The Construction Briefing. It is an alternative way of learning about key developments in construction law, with the Practical Law Construction team discussing some of the wider issues those developments raise.

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  1. I am currently working with Airbus UK Broughton formerly as resident CDM c and latterly as PD and Health & Safety advisor. The client is considering appointing the PD internally, I believe this will create a massive conflict of interest; any comments?

  2. I am a contract engineer with over three decade work in construction industry and now for the last ten years or so working on construction claims.I enjoy working as dispute resolution man and welcome my pro bono involvement in any such assignment and enjoy my time when involved with blog

  3. Hi, I am Venkata Panchumarthi. I read this article and it is very informative. I like the way you explained about the topic. Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info. It is so appreciated!!!

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