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Balfour Beatty v Modus Corovest

We wrote an update on last week’s judgment in Balfour Beatty Construction Northern Limited v Modus Corovest (Blackpool) Limited.

We read in Construction News that the parties have not settled their differences yet. Some of the details revealed in the judgment may indicate why:

  • 33 separate sections in the complex building contract for the new shopping centre.
  • A £2 million liquidated and ascertained damages claim.
  • Changes made by the employer during construction of the shopping centre (the recent case concerned changes to a Debenhams shop-front).
  • A £1 million summary judgment decision in favour of the contractor.

If the case continues and develops new law, or applies existing law in helpful (or potentially less helpful) ways, we will report on it. For more on last week’s judgment, see Matt Molloy’s blog post.

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