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  • COVID-19 and variations

    A great deal has been written about force majeure and change in law in the context of COVID-19. This blog considers as an alternative whether a contractor can recover time and/ or money as a contract variation, with particular reference to three standard form contracts – FIDIC’s 1999 Yellow Book, NEC4’s Engineering and Construction Contract … Continue reading COVID-19 and variations

  • Delay caused by variations

    This is the final instalment in my series of 12 posts on variations that has run (approximately) every other month for the last two years. I have tried to cover all the key issues that arise, such as whether a variation instruction must be in writing (and how to claim if it isn’t), whether an … Continue reading Delay caused by variations

  • Claims versus variations

    An instructed variation is not the only way a contractor’s work under a project can be altered. Equally it is not the only contractual ground for the contractor to claim additional compensation. Construction contracts will normally also contain provisions allowing the contractor to make “claims”. For example, the site conditions may be different to those … Continue reading Claims versus variations

  • Liability for variations

    This is the first of a series of bi-monthly blog posts on the subject of variations. This post deals with a subject that should be considered the logical starting point for any discussion about extras: the scope of works. After all, in order to assess whether something is a variation, it is first necessary to determine … Continue reading Liability for variations