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  • Using an adjudicator’s decision as evidence in a later adjudication

    It is funny that Matt should write about the admissibility of a previous adjudicator’s decision in a later adjudication, where the parties were the same, the facts were similar but the project was entirely different. Recently I have experienced this first-hand, but with a twist.

  • Winning a battle but losing the war

    Adjudication is generally a non-binding interim process which leaves the door open to finally deciding the dispute by litigation or arbitration. Effectively then, a party can lose a battle but ultimately win the war.

  • The jurisdiction minefield: tips for the responding party

    It is now routine for the responding party to challenge the jurisdiction of the adjudicator. In my experience, once the adjudicator has confirmed acceptance of his appointment and the referral notice has been issued, it is advisable for the responding party to: