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REUTERS | Mike Blake

Akenhead J’s judgment in Allied P&L Ltd v Paradigm Housing Group Ltd raises several interesting questions about adjudication enforcement. PLC Construction has discussed the case with Calum Lamont, counsel for Allied at the enforcement hearing, to identify some of these issues.

Following that discussion, here are PLC Construction’s thoughts on some key points.

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REUTERS | Navesh Chitrakar

“Dear, dear. I shall be too late.”

(The White Rabbit, in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures Under Ground.)

Two weeks ago, I wrote about an interesting argument on the relationship between the “final date for payment” under a construction contract and a claim for statutory interest. This week, I look at delays in bringing a claim for statutory interest… Continue reading

REUTERS | Issei Kato

I saw a good film recently called The Bank Job, which is loosely based on the 1971 Baker Street Robbery.

The plan is to break into safety deposit boxes, which the robbers think will contain large amounts of cash and valuables. I won’t give the story away, but the Security Service, MI5, gets involved because the owner of one of the boxes is “of interest”. Continue reading

REUTERS | Amit Dave

PLC Construction recently received an enquiry asking whether a contract administrator owes a contractor a common law duty of care.

This question is particularly relevant in the current economic crisis. More and more contractors are faced with an insolvent employer and are asking whether they can recover their losses from third parties, such as a contract administrator. Continue reading